1. NATUR PUR,educational workshop led by expert personnel of the BAREDINE cave, Nova Vas, near Poreč
The visit to the cave lasts 40 minutes, on a trail 300 meters long; during the visit you can see five richly decorated halls and descend to the underground lake at a depth of 60 meters. The interesting thing of this daring feat is meeting underground live world, in particular the cave salamander (Proteus anguinus), an endemic species of the broader Dinarides area and underground crabs.
Nearby the cave there is an exhibition about Karts, fossils found in Istria, and a photographic exhibition of the deepest cave in Istria.
Hiking in the nature through vineyards and olive-groves is to follow.
Mediterranean vegetation and other Karts phenomena can be seen hiking through the woods, karts landscape with karts valleys and other phenomena peculiar of the area.

2. BRIJUNI NATIONAL PARK, educational programme in English and Slovenian.
After a 15 minute boat trip from Fažana, you reach the Brijuni Major, the largest island of the Brijuni archipelago.
The programme lasts about 4.5 hours,on foot and riding bicycles.
Guided by expert personnel, nature protection, protected species and protected area are the elaborated themes: Saline, the Mediterranean garden, dinosaur footprints, the old olive-tree, the pond, safari…
The visit to the Mediterranean garden will follow, and there the plants and the values of the Brijuni vegetation, their specificity and importance are explained.
The old olive-tree is one of the oldest olive-trees in the Mediterranean, it has 1,600 years and still bears fruits that give extra quality oil. The tree is located in the old revitalised olive-grove.
The most important plant categories of Brijuni Major are macchia, lawns, parks, holm-oak woods, laurel woods and conifer woods.
Considering the thousand-year presence of the man on the Brijuni islands, the fauna, besides autochthonous animals has been enriched by other species that have survived thanks to the ideal microclimate.

Package arrangement:
– 4 half-boards
– 2 educational workshops
– assistance