1. VELA DRAGA – nature park UČKA

The Učka nature park spreads over the homonymous mountain Učka and part of the Ćićarija territory, located on the north Adriatic coast it is one of the utmost northern points of the Mediterranean and connects Istria to the continental Croatia. The particularity of Učka is the relief and the vicinity of the sea, conditioning the development of a specific climate and rich forest vegetation. Rich meadow and other anthropogenic habitats should be added, hosting numerous endemic, endangered and protected plant and animal species.
The guide-educator presents briefly the Nature Park Učka, its characteristics and gives instructions how to behave in the protected area.
On the west slopes of Učka there is Vela draga, a canyon valley where melting, wearing and erosion processes have created a magic place in the middle of the Istrian karst. The guide-educator starts with a walk on an educational trail, along which boards describe this monument of exceptional geomorphologic value.
The first share of the trail leads to the edge of the canyon where there is a belvedere and a resting place, whilst the second share of the trail leads through a canyon and passes through calcareous columns at the foot of impressive rocks and cliffs. Whilst walking, the guide-educator explains the geological phenomenon of the formation of the Učka Mountain massive and the Vela draga canyon itself, the plant and animal world of the rocky ground and the long tradition of sports climbing. The belvedere, which offers amazing views of the calcareous towers, is and ideal place to rest and have a meal.
Then a short lecture on fossils follows, their development accompanied by images of plant and animal fossils that can be studied.

2. workshop MEETING THE MARINE WORLD 1,with qualified guide organized by Aquarium

Morning programme:
8:30 – 9:00 – introduction to the programme
9:00 – 9:45 – biology workshop; microscopy or section of catfish
9:45-10:30 – chemistry workshop: introduction to marine world, marine biology and oceanography
10:30 -11:00 – visit of the aquarium, with an expert guide
11.00 – 12:30 – free time for lunch

Afternoon programme:
12:30-13:00 – hiring free-diving equipment (neoprene suits, masks, fins)
13:00 – 150:00 – shore activities (invertebrates), free-diving, collecting material
15:00 – 15:30 – knowledge testing with worksheets

Package arrangement:
– 4 half-boards
– 2 educational workshops
– assistance