If you are a student who wants to study biology, or already studying, or a professor who wants to prepare his students for
enrolling to the university, or if you simply belong to a group that loves biology, this is the program for you. Surrender to
our expert team of biologists and ecologists and licensed professional guides who are eager to pass their skills on you.
They will warmly present you the beauties and ecological value of the Adriatic, give lecture on dolphins, the Mediterranean
monk seal, sharks, shellfish,…

You will learn about the flora and fauna of karst terrain, protected plant and animal species, endemic and strictly protected species of orchids. You will visit the park of aromatic herbs and sea turtles’ recovery center.

Experience the wildlife live!

Tourist packages range from four to five days. The basic activities program for a four-day package includes:

  • Day 1: marine biology;
  • Day 2: marine biology;
  • Day 3: Istrian karst.

The packages are available from April until June and from September until November for groups of five to 35 persons. The accommodation is available in a hotel, camp or apartments. Transfer individual. Professional guides available in
Croatian, English or German language. Other languages available on request. The information contained herein is indicative and nonbinding.

Please contact us for the final quote