The packet arrangement of 2 educational workshops

1st day – workshop at Kamenjak cape, with expert guide. The workshop is in English. The programme is recommended from April to June and in October

The workshop starts at the eco centre House of Nature, where experts introduce the visitors to the programme. There the film of the protected Mediterranean tape weed Posidonia oceanica is projected.

To follow a 3.5 km long walk with a few stops. The participants get acquainted with the protected area; aromatic and medicinal plants of the Mediterranean and their adaptation to climatic conditions (some plants can be picked, tastes, smelt); strictly protected plant species of orchids whose highest concentration is in Istria, precisely at Kamenjak; insects and their mutations. The coast of Kamenjak is visited, where you can see the fossilised foot-prints of dinosaurs, 98 million years old.

The workshop is made more interesting by the walk through fragrant, untouched Mediterranean area where meadows, macchia, woods and sea shore interweave with unforgettable views.

2nd day – workshop MEETING THE SEA WORLD 1, with qualified guide organized by Aquarium.

Morning programme:
8:30-9:00 – introduction to the programme
9:00-9:45 – biology workshop; microscopy section of dogfish
9:45-10:30 – chemistry workshop: introduction to sea world, marine biology and oceanography
10:30-11:00 – visit of the aquarium, with an expert guide
11:00-12:30 – free time for lunch

Afternoon programme:
12:30-13:00 – hiring free-snorkeling (neoprene suits, masks, fins)
13:00-15:00 – shore activities (invertebrates), free-snorkeling, collecting material
15:00-15:30 – knowledge testing with worksheets

Package arrangement:
– 4 half-boards
– 2 educational workshops